Regular feedback and reporting

As stated in the User’s License, project leaders are expected to:

  • Comply with the use and dissemination rights attached to the products granted by Planet Action;
  • Define 1 or 2 milestones within the project runtime (when we could have a short status report as stated below);
  • Provide feedback:
    • a presentation, when validation is notified, describing the project and containing photos, logos and other illustrative items;
    • relevant, regular and brief information about the advancement of the project on the Planet Action website, in the pages dedicated to the same project;
    • quarterly reports and milestones reports,
    • a final report, as Planet Action is very interested in learning and promoting the applications developed by the projects, specially in regards to the various grants allowed.
  • Allow the Planet Action organization and partners to make use of authorized public contents for communication and outreach purposes;
  • Mention Planet Action sponsorship in project communication.



Participation to business events related to Planet Action activities is also kindly requested.