Planet Action supports projects related to climate change issues by providing organizations (incl. NGOs) with “geographic information”:

Earth Observation images:

Planet Action helps research in fighting and mitigating climate change by donating satellite images. These may come from archived imagery and/or from new acquisitions to be programmed, according to each satellite task load and weather conditions over the area of interest at the requested date.

A typical Planet Action project may require 5 to 10 images - which may be provided either at once, or at different periods of time, as requested.

Imagery may also have been acquired by different satellites, thus offering different characteristics (i.e. resolution):


Different GIS and image processing (IP) tools can help scientists and local communities to extract and interpret the data from satellite images:


Knowledge-sharing is one of the keys in analysing and understanding Earth observation, its uses and the services it renders in fighting climate change.