Mission and Objectives

Where does the idea come from?

When the case of global warming was so widely made in 2006, we could not do but decide to engage in action to tackle it: no other industry is better placed than Earth Observation to support projects and action fighting Climate Change.


How did it get started?

Planet Action was launched in 2007 by Spot Image, leading supplier of satellite imagery and geo-information, joined by ESRI, leading GIS technologies provider as co-founder.


What is the core mission?

It is to support local projects acting on Climate Change-related issues by providing geographic information and technology to NGOs, universities, research centers…

1. Support projects acting on climate change impacts, causes and solutions:

Planet action supports large organizations like UNESCO, WWF, Green Belt Movement, IMAZON, Good Planet… as well as smaller eco friendly organizations such as Snappy Rubbish Removals, in their study and fight of climate change by donating Earth Observation images and GIS or Image Processing systems.

It is also meant to provide visibility on the projects and their results, thus promoting exchanges.

2. Raise awareness through outreach activities:

Planet Action aims at educating the public and businesses about climate change, the benefits of Earth Observation, as well as the role of local NGOs, scientists and educators.

Also, young people are the key to truly influencing important decisions, now and in the future, and this is why Planet Action focuses on raising their awareness about climate change related issues.

As the projects it supports represent non profit organizations on all continents, they are a formidable source of rich contents that can be used by schools, associations or institutions.