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  • characteristic study area

    House built on the slope June 24, 2010

    Efon Alaye is faced with land degradation attributed to soil erosion leaving the area with severe gullies.the impact of land degradation has endangered the eco-system of the area.for sustainable land managment for agriculture and infrastructural development, gutters are been constructed to channel rainwater flow. below describes the characteristics of the study area in relation to land degradation extent; soil erosion:

    • The cultural activities of the indigenes have mounted pressure on the soil. This has resulted in the losing of the surface soil.
    • Geologically, the type of rock associated with the terrain is called Quarzites. These are easily fractured once they are pressurized.
    • The topography of the area has a steep slope, and the indigenes build on the slope, also the soil has low water retention capacity.