Climate change

We are interested in setting up a long-term (7 years) monitoring program of land-cover change over multiple (e.g. 2-3) sites. This would prioritise actions aimed at reducing forest loss as well as evaluating effectiveness of interventions to this end. Does planet-action support the provision of imagery and GIS tools for ongoing (multiple-year) projects that span multiple sites? Our concern is that if we only have short-term access to images then our project has limited long-term value as a monitoring tool. If Planet Action does support on-going efforts than is it advised to submit multiple proposals (per site) or to submit all as a single project (there is a regional focus to the project albeit implementation is at a local or site-level). Thank you in advance for your consideration Emma Stokes


Long term  and/or multiple sites projects can be supported by Planet Action but the number of images provided for free is limited to approximately 5 per site and per year.  It is therefore recommended to submit as many proposals as there are sites, bearing in mind that the size of each site is also important.

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