Planet Action Day

Tuesday June 9th, 2009<br />at the Diagora Conference Centre, Labège-Toulouse, France


Planet Action will celebrate its 2-year anniversary this year by hosting project managers, partners and climate change experts for a day of conferences and workshops here in Toulouse on June 9th. We look forward to welcoming our community and more for the evening session which will be open to a broader public. An exhibition space will also showcase PA projects (posters & demos) and partner technologies.

Planet Action is now donating imagery to more than 100 projects on the ground, on all continents. 

We encourage Planet Action Project teams to take advantage of this opportunity to present their work on the ground and deliver their first results. 

Planet Action Day will feature a morning plenary session to bring participants up to date on PA activities and the new Planet Action Foundation to be created by mid-2009, as well as reports and experiences from the projects on the ground. The afternoon technical workshops will encourage project managers to interact with technology partners to learn more about imagery and GIS technologies and their applications to fight the climate crisis. Ample time will be reserved for networking during the coffee breaks and lunch.

The gala evening will be held at the Cité de l’Espace. Key speakers and a round table discussion “Climate Change: Local Projects using Geospatial Technologies” will focus on Planet Action’s outreach/education role, in particular involving young adults. We are contacting key projects and experts to have an interesting panel of international speakers; Peter Ndunda from the Green Belt Movement will be present, as well as Luc Hardy, leader of the Pax Arctica Project (Green Cross), and Stéphane Lévin, explorer and “voyageurs des sciences” leader, among others.

A buffet-cocktail reception will follow.

NB : Spot Image will hold its International Conference on the following 2 days at the Diagora Centre also. The Spot Image International Conference guests will be able to visit the exhibition and poster displays that will remain for an additional 2 days. Some PA Day participants will also attend the International Conference, and vice versa.

For more information, please contact Magalie Hansson

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