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  • Tigers under threat from disappearing mangrove forest

    Date : February 01, 2013


    Report shows vast forest, shared by India and Bangladesh, is being rapidly destroyed by environmental change.


  • Could China and its fellow Brics nations lead the way on climate change?

    Date : January 29, 2013

    Posted by Nancy Birdsall and Lawrence MacDonald

    Brics nations have the means and motivation to create a climate agency that could act and research instead of just arguing.


  • Can Obama make defeating climate change his legacy?

    Date : January 22, 2013

    The reinvigorated President can push forward at home but will need a grand bargain with China to deliver internationally.


  • What is causing Australia's heatwave?

    Date : January 21, 2013

    First published on The Conversation

    Does the country's record-breaking heatwave have something to do with climate change?


  • Climate Change Series: Where Science And Ethics Meet

    Date : January 16, 2013

    By James Anderson and Ronald Sandler

    What do we mean when we talk about the imminent hreat  of rapid and irreversible climate change?

    And what ethical responsibilities do we — especially those of us in the societies most responsible for the emission of destabilizing greenhouse gases — have in the face of that threat?

    Harvard chemist James Anderson and Northeastern philosopher Ronald Sandler examine the interplay of science and ethics as Cognoscenti and the Open Classroom kick off our series Climate Change. Challenges. Solutions.

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  • Has global warming ground to a halt?

    Date : January 09, 2013

    By Fred Pearce

    The UK's Met Office has downgraded its forecast for warming at the Earth's surface over the next five years. Headlines this week announced that global warming is "at a standstill". Climate sceptics crowed. But the Met Office said the outlook for later in the century remains unchanged. New Scientist looks at the facts

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  • 10 climate questions that need answering in 2013

    Date : January 02, 2013

    By John Parnell

    After a year of extreme weather, political climate silence and stormy economic conditions, can we look forward to another year of the same in 2013?


  • Kyoto Climate Change Treaty Sputters To A Sorry End

    Date : January 01, 2013


    By Max Paris, Environment Unit

    Kyoto Protocol aimed for 5% cut in carbon emissions — instead, we got a 58% increase

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  • West Antarctica warming fast, may quicken sea level rise: study

    Date : December 25, 2012

    By Environment Correspondent Alister Doyle

    OSLO (Reuters) - West Antarctica is warming almost twice as fast as previously believed, adding to worries of a thaw that would add to sea level rise from San Francisco to Shanghai, a study showed on Sunday.


  • What's Redd and will it help tackle climate change?

    Date : December 19, 2012
    Grantham Research Institute and Duncan Clark

    Forests and trees store carbon. When they're burnt down or cleared – a process referred to as deforestation – this stored carbon is released back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide and contributes to climate change.

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