About Planet Action

What is Planet Action?

Planet Action is a non-profit initiative launched in June 2007 by Spot Image. It has been joined by ESRI as a co-founding partner very early, and other partners have also joined the initiative since. More recently, Planet Action and the UNESCO signed a cooperation agreement within the framework of the Open Initiative to support World Heritage sites.

Man-made climate change is a global issue with serious threats: this is a new challenge for our societies and communities to get fully involved with new and cooperative approaches.

Spot Image has launched Planet Action because it is a strong belief that technology must be part of the solution as well.

  •  Earth imagery has a very powerful effect in understanding what is currently happening and at what pace.
  •  The EO industry is among the few that can help and address this issue thanks to its extensive observation means, its huge image archives, its experience in analysing and understanding Earth images and its massive networks of scientists, scholars, teachers and searchers.

How can Planet Action help?

Planet Action supports projects related to climate change issues by providing geographic information, earth observation images and expertise to organizations (incl. NGOs), institutions and universities working towards combating climate change with local organizations.

Planet Action helps researches in fighting and mitigating climate change by sharing its knowledge in analysing and understanding Earth images as well as donating remote sensing data form different satellites such as the SPOT constellation, Formosat2, Komsat2, Quickbird… and different GIS and image processing tools to help scientists and local communities to extract and interpret the data.

The use of satellite imagery and GIS technologies allows environmental scientists and local communities to measure the speed at which glaciers recede, ice caps melt, lakes or forests decline...