Validation Process

Once submitted, your project is received by the Planet Action Team, who is in charge of:

1. Acknowledging it

Each new project is acknowledged upon reception by an e-mail. This allows the Planet Action Team to verify the e-mail address of the project writer (usually the project leader).

2. Double-checking its eligibility

The project eligibility is double-checked to avoid any misunderstanding.  It is important here to note that the Planet Action team verifies the number of images required.  

It must be reasonable, i.e. amount to approximately 5 to 10 images.

3. Validating it

Every new project received is subject to validation: on reviewing its contents and objectives, internal and external experts assess the feasibility of the project:

  • Depending on the domain addressed in the project, and/or on its complexity, technical experts (who constitute an international Technical Panel) may help to assess the context, to define if imagery or technology grants can help, and how.
  • Depending on the location of the project leader’s organization (and of the project itself), the Planet Action network is involved (mostly Spot Image headquarters or foreign offices, but also receiving stations, distributors…).
  •  Depending on the types of grants needed, partners are also requested to validate a project and its feasibility from their own point of view.

4. Informing you of the next steps

Once a project is validated, the Planet Action Team notifies the project leader via e-mail and simultaneously:

  • The project is displayed on the Planet Action website,
  • The Planet Action Team determines the exact needs and establishes an action plan for grant provision and communication purposes:
  1. Imagery catalogue searches are made and sent to the requestor for selection.  The requestor is in charge of selecting the images that best serve his/her purposes, bearing in mind the limitation to approx. 5 to 10 images per project and per year.
  2. Software requests are transmitted to their respective providers, members of Planet Action.  Here again, the requestor is in charge of selecting the tools s/he needs.
  3. Specific services are organized, if needed.
  • Before receiving grants, a User’s License is submitted to review and signature, which will allow the Planet Action Team to provide them with the assurance that all legal measures are understood and complied with.
  • Products are provided on ftp accounts, every project getting its own dedicated account.  Every new product made available is notified by an e-mail, so that the requestor may retrieve it as soon as possible.
  • Also, as needed, the project leader is requested various inputs, such as a brief presentation of the project with representative images, photos, logos…