Satellite Images

Carbon Mapping in Tropical Forests and the UN REDD Programme

The Woods Hole Research Center has developed a methodology for mapping carbon in tropical forests using satellite imagery. This study encompassed the Budongo Forest in Uganda and is supported by Planet Action.

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Climate Change and the Shifting Mekong Delta

Ninety percent of the shoreline in the Mekong delta is shifting as a result of climate change. This is the result of a study by the CESBIO biosphere research centre using satellite imagery from 1973 to 2008.

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Climate Change in the Everglades, Florida

The Everglades Foundation has engaged in a number of actions to preserve and restore the environment in Florida’s Everglades. This ecosystem, which has already undergone profound human-induced shifts, is now having to cope with the effects of climate change.

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Replanting Trees in Kenya

The Green Belt Movement has established a programme to restore degraded forest ecosystems around Mount Kenya using satellite imagery.

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9 October 2008: Cachet 2 Glacial Lake in Chile Suddenly Empties

The Cachet 2 glacial lake in Patagonia emptied after an outburst flood on 9 October 2008. A study by the CECS in Chile employing geoinformation technologies showed that the water bored through a sub-glacial drainage tunnel.

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